Travel to Medan Enjoy the Scenery
Travel to Medan Enjoy the Scenery

Medan is the great city in Indonesia that will make you feel so interest. When you are in Indonesia then you will not only can meet Bali but also Medan that located in North Sumatera. You can go there by using airplane or other public transportation. Medan is very well known as the city that has perfect scenery. The local people still keep the natural condition very well. You can find the great Lake Toba. Have you ever heard about Lake Toba before?

Know more about Lake Toba in Medan

If you never come to Medan to find the Lake Toba then you can easily use the Medan travel agent service. The travel agent will give you good service during your stay in Medan. Lake Toba is the biggest lake that originally made from tekto volcanic process. Lake Toba also become the biggest lake in Southeast Asia also in Indonesia. In the middle of this lake there is available a small vulca island named Samosir island. That is the reason why so many tourism from around this world always come to this place and they use Lake Toba tour package to get the special price.

Great Place to Visit in Lake Toba

When you finally come to Medan then you should get the Medan tour package. Medan Advisor will give the best service for your holiday season in Medan. In Lake Toba you can find many tourist destination such as :

Tuktuk is the tourism destination in Samosir Island and this place always crowded with tourist. You can enjoy the exotic scenery near the Lake Toba and you can learn more about the Batak culture. Just come to this place and enjoy the traditional ritual from Siallagan village.

In the tip of Lake Toba, you can find a village named Silalahi village. Silalahi is also the name of Batak traditional family tittle. When you are in this village you will never want to come back to your place. The shade of Lake Toba can you feel at this village. Do miss it!

Balige City
Balige city is the district capital of Toba Samosir. It located for about 2 hours from Parapat. This place will give you perfect scenery and its traditional culture. You can find the Batak museum and also the tomb of Sisingamangaraja XII.

Easy Traveling with Medan Advisor

Medan Advisor is the great travel agent that will serve you the best. They have various destination that will make you know about Medan. They really have good management that will make the money that you have become more valuable. When you want to use their service just book now. Easy booking system become their good point. They also have good and fast support team that will help all the thing that you need. This is the great Lake Toba travel agent you can trust.

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