Danau toba adalah salah satu tujuan wisata yang banyak di minati wisatawan baik itu lokal maupun mancanegara, Danau toba terletak di provinsi sumatera, Indonesia

Hijaunya pepohonan pinus yang mengelili danau ini juga birunya danau yang luas sepanjang mata memandang membuat danau ini menjadi tempat favorit bagi wisatawan, selain itu udaranya yang sejuk dan fresh membuat anda sejenak lupa dari rutinitas, membuat otak anda santai kembali.

When you want to prepare for your holiday then you should put Medan on your travelling list. Have you ever go there? Medan is the capital city of North Sumatera and you can go there by using all of the public transportation such as the aeroplane or by bus. In Medan, you can find the super delicious Durian and you can bring it to your family at home. You can also taste so many delicious Chinese foods but of course, you can ask the seller first whether the food is Halal or not. Passion fruit syrup also the best from Medan and you can find it in any store. Not just about culinary but you can find the Lake Toba tour package that will bring you the real Medan tour around Medan.

Have you ever heard about the history of Lake Toba? This biggest lake in Indonesia is located in Medan, North Sumatera. Indonesia is a very rich country that you should know. When you are visiting this country then you will see the real beauty of nature. One of them is a Medan city or North Sumatera. Medan is famous for the Durian. Many people love the durian because it has original taste yet sweet. You can even Durian in pancake various with whipped cream inside. This traditional snack is so yummy and will make you always want to come back to this city. Medan local people also so warm and they will welcome you so well.

Medan is the good place that well known in Indonesia. This city is on North Sumatera. When you want to visit this place then you can go with Medan Advisor. Of course, in Medan, you will not only enjoy the best scenery but also find the best experiences during your vacation there. Medan has lots of traditional food and you should taste each of them. You also need to know that Medan is the biggest city in North Sumatera. It means that you can get everything that you need there. You can ask from the service of Medan tour to bring you there.