Reserve your Date and Travel to Medan
Reserve your Date and Travel to Medan

When you want to prepare for your holiday then you should put Medan on your travelling list. Have you ever go there? Medan is the capital city of North Sumatera and you can go there by using all of the public transportation such as the aeroplane or by bus. In Medan, you can find the super delicious Durian and you can bring it to your family at home. You can also taste so many delicious Chinese foods but of course, you can ask the seller first whether the food is Halal or not. Passion fruit syrup also the best from Medan and you can find it in any store. Not just about culinary but you can find the Lake Toba tour package that will bring you the real Medan tour around Medan.

Best Tourism Destination in Medan

Medan travel agent will give you lots of choice for the destination that you can choose:

• Taman Simalem
You can go to the Lake Toba Berastagi Taman Simalem resort and enjoy the perfect spot of seeing the Lake Toba. You can visit each spot on it like the zoo, flower garden, agro-tourism and other perfect spots. You can also stay in the villas or hotel that you like. Besides the Taman Simalem, you can also go to the Samosir Island. Samosir Island is a volcanic island that you can arrive for about 45 minutes from Lake Toba by ferry. Make sure that Samosir Island includes your Medan Lake Toba tour package. In Samosir Island you can know the original Batak people. You can still find the historical fact about it there.

• Simarjarunjung
After that, you can also use the Lake Toba travel agent service to bring you to Simarjarunjung. The blue of Lake Toba and the green from the mountain will become the things that you will see. You can visit the Rumah Panjang Raja Purba Museum that has the unique story behind. The King stay in one house together with 24 wives. And you can walk to the stairs into the waterfall.

• Berastagi
Do not forget to come to Berastagi the heaven of the fruit. Any kind of fruits is available in Berastagi. You should bring your jacket because it has very cold air. The bonus is that you can see directly the Sibayak mount and the Sinabung mount. Not just that all, you can still meet with Shwedagon Wat Vietnam replica and the Santo Fransiskus Asisi Inculturation Church.

To complete your travelling moment, you can just trust Medan Advisor as the passionate travel agent that will bring you to the best spot in Medan. They have fast response staff that will serve you well. Do not forget to book for the best date to get the best deal package for your trip.

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