Lake Toba The Natural Beauty You Should Know
Lake Toba the Natural Beauty

Have you ever heard about the history of Lake Toba? This biggest lake in Indonesia is located in Medan, North Sumatera. Indonesia is a very rich country that you should know. When you are visiting this country then you will see the real beauty of nature. One of them is a Medan city or North Sumatera. Medan is famous for the Durian. Many people love the durian because it has original taste yet sweet. You can even Durian in pancake various with whipped cream inside. This traditional snack is so yummy and will make you always want to come back to this city. Medan local people also so warm and they will welcome you so well.

Know more About Lake Toba

We can say that mostly, the tourist who comes to Medan will come to Lake Toba. This is a very big lake that comes from the volcanic mount. The majority of people who lived there is the Batak tribe. They mostly have a job as the sellers, farmers and also the fisherman. Lake Toba is the result of the newest supervolcano eruption. From the eruption caused the mass death and almost made humanity extinct. When you come here, you can find the small volcanic island in the middle of this lake. The name is Samosir Island. You can go there through the lake by using the traditional boat or jet boat. Until now, the story about Lake Toba also become the interesting folklore that makes children know about it. To make you easier you better use the Lake Toba travel agent service.

The Reason Why You Should Visit Lake Toba

Here is some reason why you must visit Lake Toba in Medan. Lake Toba is only available in Indonesia and it also becomes the biggest lake in Southeast Asia. Besides that, Samosir Island has become the origin of Batak tribe. You can come to this island for about hour. Batak local people usually have traditional ceremony once a year. So many interesting stories when you visit this place.

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After that, you will also find the tallest waterfall in Indonesia named Sipiso-Piso. You can play under the waterfall and enjoy the fresh air that comes from water springs. If you are a fruit love then you come to Brastagi that is fruit heaven. You can find the beautiful mountain named Sinabung mountain and Sibayak mountain. Book for the Lake Toba tour package now!

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