Interesting Things to Do when Taking Lake Toba Tour
Interesting Things to Do when Taking Lake Toba Tour

It is dry season in Indonesia, occurring from May to September. It means the best time to visit this archipelago country has come, including taking Medan Lake Toba tour. Forget about Bali since it will be very crowded with both domestic and foreign tourists. Get yourself lost to other hidden paradises, like ones at North Sumatra province.

If it is going to be your first time visiting Lake Toba, Medan Advisor can provide you with the needed assistance. Their each Medan travel agent is very passionate about travelling which will make you feel exploring the popular destinations just like locals.

There are many beautiful places to explore in Medan, including the famous Lake Toba, the third most visited tourism objects in Indonesia. It is also known as the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia. What makes it more interesting is the Samosir Island which settles in the middle of the lake.

Lake Toba was created after an enormous eruption about 100.000 years ago, 8000 times more powerful compared to Mount Helen eruption in 1981. When things started to settle, 25.000 years later an eruption happened and created another volcano. Its cone collapsed and formed the Samosir Island and the first eruption crater was filled with water, later known as Lake Toba.

The best lake Toba tour package is four days and 3 nights (4D3N). It allows you to explore not only the Lake Toba itself but also the Samosir Island, as well as the well-known Berastagi. You will get complete services including the accommodation, transportation, meals and importantly English speaking lake Toba travel agent.

There are a lot of things you can do when coming to Lake Toba, Medan. The guide may take you to some interesting places, trying some things new and challenging your braveness in adventurous activities like the followings :

  • Enjoy riding a kayak around the lake and go fishing with a traditional fisherman’s boat while being spoiled with the views of volcanic mountains.
  • Meet the friendly Batak locals who live at the Tuktuk Siadong, Samosir Island. The good news is you can expect charming bars and restaurants here.
  • Hike up the waterfall to enjoy the surrounding landscape or spend time for swimming to freshen your body during the hot dry season visit.
  • Rent a motorbike and go to Samosir Island. It is important to not speed up. If you are too afraid of this challenge, you can go there by bicycle.
  • Learn about the ancient law at Ambarita. There is a well-known 300-year-old court chair made from stone placed in the yard. It was used to decapitate criminals before their bodies were thrown into the lake.

So, have you decided when to come? You can find a lot more fun things to do besides the listed ones above. Medan Advisor is the reliable Medan tour agency company that provides the best value of Lake Toba tour.

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