Go to Medan and Visit the Lake Toba
Go to Medan and Visit the Lake Toba

One of the greatest cities in Indonesia that also become the capital city of North Sumatera is Medan. This city is well known as the place where the best Durian is come from. You can eat the best yet sweet Durian with the cheap price. Besides that, you can also find the best tourism destination named Lake Toba. Lake Toba is rich in history. It has special fruit, syrup and food. It also has so many stories behind about the traditional culture and the local habit. When you visit Medan then you should come to Lake Toba.

Lake Toba the Great Place to Holiday

You can go there with your family and enjoy the best scenery ever. Lake Toba was born because of the Toba mountain eruption. Until now, the Toba Mountain is still active and it might be eruption anytime it wants. No one can predict about it. Lake Toba is the biggest lake in Indonesia also in Southeast Asia. The beauty of this lake is also famous until around the world and it becomes the first trending topic in many social media like Twitter.

Once a year, the Medan local people that lived in around Lake Toba always held the traditional ceremony. It usually happens in the end of each year for about November or early December. Once you come here then it can not be forgotten. You can visit the waterfall on the edge of the Lake Toba. The best time to see the perfect situation in Lake Toba is when Lake Toba Festival is happen. That is the Batak’s people party. You can use the Lake Toba tour package to get the facilities.

Most Watch Event in Lake Toba

When you finally come to Medan just ask from the Medan travel agent to bring you to Lake Toba. Ask them about the schedule of Lake Toba special event. It is usually available on the Medan Lake Toba tour list. When you use the Medan Advisor service then they have complete list destination in Medan that recommended to you. The event in Lake Toba is usually held for days. At that moment you will meet people around the world including the media.

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You can find so many interesting activities when the festival happens. Batak people will make some music show, craft and art, traditional exercise, etc. On this event, Medan tour will be full of tourists that want to use their service. You can see the Batak people that wearing their traditional clothes such as Ulos.

The reason why you better use the Lake Toba travel agent while planning your holiday is that they have the good schedule about your time. You also will get the package as the budget that you have. Medan Advisor also has the fast response for their support team to handle your need. As the passionate travel agent, they will not make you disappointed. They will bring you to the best tourist destination in Medan and around. Just book for your date now and enjoy the trip to Medan with Medan Advisor.

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