Come to Medan Enjoy the Taman Simalem
Come to Medan Enjoy the Taman Simalem

When you come to Medan then you should visit each tourism destination there. Medan is the capital city of North Sumatera and this is the big city in Indonesia that will welcome you very well. You can use the service of Medan travel agent to bring you there especially when you never go to this city before. One of the popular place in Medan is Lake Toba Brastagi Taman Simalem. This resort is the exclusive holiday destination that you can choose with your family. Besides the Taman Simalem, you can also visit Lake Toba.

You can contact the Lake Toba travel agent and get the Lake Toba tour package. Medan Advisor will give the best price for your journey in Medan.

Pearl of Lake Toba

Once you visit this place then you will miss it again. Taman Simalem is famous as the pearl of Lake Toba. The world pearl imagines the beauty of this place and it cannot be measured with the money. Medan tour input this place as the most visit destination in Medan. Taman Simalem is very large. When you want to go there you better bring your vehicle. Inside the Taman Simalem, you can find the villas, lodge, hotel, golf area, cafe, agro-tourism, outbound area, camping ground and others. You can also find the highest spot in this place. The name is One Tree Hill. From above the spot you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba and it is perfect like a professional paint.

Why You Should Choose the Lake Toba Holiday Package

When you come to Medan then you want to travel around it, you better choose the Medan Lake Toba tour service. You are the tourist and you may never come to Medan, when you do not use the travel package service then you may confuse. The Lake Toba package will give you the complete destination that you can visit. It also completes the accommodation during your stay in Medan. You do not need to think about the transportation or other need because the travel agent will give it to you. You can choose the package as the budget that you have. So simple right? You only need to prepare yourself and the stuff that you should bring.

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Travelling to Medan, you can get lots of thing such as delicious food, new family, the great journey and the experiences that you will never find in other places. Do not forget to visit the Samosir Island that available in the middle of Lake Toba. It just 45 minutes from Lake Toba. You can trust Medan Advisor to prepare your journey to Medan and book for your date now. They are passionate about travelling and they will give the best destination for you.

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