Amazing Fact About Lake Toba
Amazing lake toba

Indonesia is a special country that has the biggest lake in Southeast Asia. The name of the lake is Lake Toba. When you want to go there then you can use the service from Medan tour name Medan Advisor. They will give you good service and complete Lake Toba tour package to make you easier while you want to visit all the tourist destination there. This lake is located in Medan. Medan is the capital city of North Sumatra. While you are in this city then you will find the most delicious Durian (king fruit).

It has the sweet taste and become the most popular fruit in Medan. You can come to Medan easily then you can go through the city to Lake Toba for about 4 to 5 hours. Once you come here then you will never feel disappointed.

Here is some good fact about this wonderful Lake Toba:

  • You should visit the Batak Kuno Village. You will directly see the real culture in Medan.
  • You also need to visit the Samosir Island by using the boat. Your journey will be not complete enough if you do not visit this island. It is located in the middle of Lake Toba. This tourism destination mostly available on the Medan Lake Toba tour package.
  • In Samosir Island you also need to visit the Tuk Tuk. Tuk Tuk is one of the perfect places in Samosir Island. Many people around this world love to come to Tuk Tuk and enjoy the scenery. You can get the fresh air, clear air, mountain and lake. Throw away your stress immediately there.
  • The next is about spring water place. This place is located on Pusuk Bukit mountain. This is the most wanted tourism destination in Samosir Island. Enjoy the natural hot water and see the Lake Toba from above.

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The other fact about Lake Toba is about the Toba mount. It already eruption for about three times. All of the three was so awful and the last eruption was the thing that made the Lake Toba born. Besides that, Toba mount is still active until now but it unpredictable. No one knows when the Toba mount will be eruption again. Lake Toba also becomes the first rank of the most beautiful lake in this world.

In Medan, you can find some of the Medan travel agents but make sure only Medan Advisor that you choose. They will also offer you the service of Lake Toba travel agent and you can book it online fast. This company is really passionate about travelling so you will get the best. You can request for the new, private, common tourist destination in Medan that suitable for your money. You will get what you pay and it is worth enough.

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